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Fusion Astra 8 contains astragalus, traditionally taken to enhance immune defences and to help decrease the frequency of common colds in Chinese medicine. Plus reishi mushroom, which improves immunity and relieves tiredness, based on traditional use in Chinese medicine.

120 tablets 


  • Adults: Take 2 tablets once a day or as professionally prescribed. Take 2 tablets two times a day to relieve fatigue, support defensive qi and strengthen lung qi, based on traditional use in Chinese medicine.


  • Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Always read the label and follow directions for use. If symptoms persist, please consult your health care provider promptly. 

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Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) root 200mg, dry equiv. 3g (3000mg) std. to polysaccharides 140mg Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) fruiting body 75mg, dry equiv. 750mg Ligustrum (Ligustrum lucidum) fruit 87.5mg, dry equiv. 875mg White atractylodes (Atractylodes macrocephala) root 150mg, dry equiv. 750mg Codonopsis (Codonopsis pilosula ) root 150mg, dry equiv. 750mg Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) root and rhizome 33.33mg, min. dry equiv. 500mg std. to eleutherosides B+E 267 micrograms Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) fruit 50mg, dry equiv. 500mg Chinese licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) root and stolon 20mg, min. dry equiv. 100mg std. to glycyrrhizinic acid 1.2mg

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