By Wholefood Merchants on Saturday, September 29th, 2018 in Products.

Here at Wholefood Merchants, we make a point of seeking out the crème de la crème of local, ethically run businesses. We are dedicated to supporting sustainable farming practices, and ensuring that everyone (animals included) are treated in an ethical manner. On our journey we came across the incredible business, Little Yarra Free Range Eggs which goes above and beyond the Australian standards of ‘Free Range’ and ‘Organic’ practices.

Little Yarra Free Range Eggs is situated in a small farm in Launching Place, 40km North East of Wholefood Merchants. The farm is 25 acres in total with only 2,000 hens roaming around–meaning their stocking density is less than 100 birds per hectare! If this doesn’t mean much to you, compare it against the current definition of ‘Free Range’ which requires a stocking density of 10,000 hens or less per hectare. Little Yarra Free Range Eggs goes beyond this definition 100 fold, providing their hens with a plethora of space to do their thang.

Those of you wondering what happens to the older hens once they can no longer provide enough eggs? The general way that many businesses  deal with these hens is by selling them for butchering or composting them as a waste product. At Little Yarra Free Range Eggs, these sweet older chooks are sold to households to become a beloved family pet!

Little Yarra Free Range Eggs utilises organic farming principles, although they did not choose to certify the farm of organic. This decision was made in order to allow for affordable pricing of their eggs, so everyone can have access to ethically farmed eggs.

Everyone is welcomed to pop around and check out the farm­– see for yourself the incredible organic and ethical practices this farm proudly abides by!

Image credit: Little Yarra Free Range Eggs