By Wholefood Merchants on Friday, August 24th, 2018 in Products.


Think your mother is cultured? She has nothing on the almighty SCOBY mother culture.

This symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast has been transforming boring ole’ green tea into the bubbly, thirst quenching Kombucha we have come to know and love. Besides its mighty good taste, Kombucha has secured its place in our hearts (and fridge) for its gut health superpowers.

Think of the 100 trillion microflora living in your digestive tract as your own personal army- cue images of little bacteria decked out in medieval battle gear brandishing tiny swords. The probiotics in fermented products are like putting your army through world class strength and intelligence training- God help any bacteria who dares to stand in its way.

Gut health is only the tip of the iceberg in regards to the benefits of Kombucha, so you better listen up. Not only is it packed with probiotics, it’s also made out of antioxidant rich green tea- the ultimate duo.

Heads up: another army analogy is coming.

Think of the antioxidants found in green tea as special agents. Its mission is to protect your body from free radicals- reactive species in your body that are desperate to destroy your body tissues. Scary, right? But not to fear, antioxidants are prepared to sacrifice themselves to save your tissues and keep your body in tiptop shape. Our saviours!

Let us praise SCOBY for blessing us with a delicious probiotic and antioxidant rich drink that doesn’t taste so, well…fermented.

We have loads of insanely tasty Kombucha in store including: Remedy, Mojo and Grateful Harvest.

So, move over Kimchi, because fermented tea is totally raining all over your cabbage parade.


Image credit: Remedy Kombucha