By Wholefood Merchants on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018 in Products.


Come 2018, we all recognise those crunchy little sesame looking things as Chia seeds. What’s less known is that they were so sacred to the Aztec’s that they used them as sacrifices in religious ceremonies–a bit hardcore but we definitely see where they were coming from.

Chia seeds have some crazy cool chemical properties. Not only can it withstand high temperature­s (perfect for sneaking some nutrients into those triple choc chip cookies of yours) but it also forms a gel with water. Okay, we know that doesn’t sound cool but for the cheeky vegans out there, this is massive news. Hint: egg replacement alert!

Chia seeds are packed with fibre, protein and micronutrients which nourish your body and prevent it from being, well…clogged. No one wants that. Oh, and for you Keto and Low Carbies out there, the net carbs on a serve of these bad boys is just 1g–wipe your mouth, you’re drooling.

Imagining yourself chugging down dry chia seeds? Think again. You can add chia seeds onto nearly everything you eat: smoothies, yoghurt and heck–why not even onto your Thai red curry? No judgements here, only respect.

Best yet, it won’t hurt the hip pocket. A 500g organic packet of these buggers by Lotus only costs $11.80. Say what!?

We have heaps of chia seed products available in store now, so get crunching!


Image credit: Variety by Vashti